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You are rooted in the Divine

March message from your minister!

March brings with it  a lot of promises:  spring, warm weather to come, new life!  To usher in March we will be talking about the Divine all month.  More specifically, we will be talking about the Divine within you.  What would your life be like if you knew, in your  heart space, that God was within you?

Does the idea of God’s will and  your will being in alignment frighten you?  Or does it empower you?

Do you live a life of being rooted in the Divine, or somewhere else?

These are some of the questions we will be exploring this month at The Center in Carson City for our Monday Night Musings.

Our anchor theme for the year is 100 Years of Science of Mind.  YES!  We are celebrating 100 years of this wonderful teaching that brings joy and peace to the lives of so many.  Our book for the year is Living the Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes. You can read along as each discussion corresponds with a section in the book.

Here are the pages for each week:

March: You are Rooted in the Divine

Your Personal Self (Pg.116) 3/4  Your Highest and Best is your Personal Self….or…where are you rooted?

Your Impersonal Self (Pg.130) 3/11  You are rooted in the divine

God’s Will (Pg.136) 3/18  Thy Will?  (think:  “My life is the life of God.  Therefore, Divine wisdom, clarity and power guides and directs me and I am free.”

Self-Evident Truth within You (Pg.141) 3/25

If you are looking for additional inspiration for March, read Living With Joy – Keys to Personal Power & Spiritual Transformation by Sanaya Roman

I hope to see  you on Monday nights at 6 PM at A-To-Zen, 1803 North Carson Street, for our Monday Night Musings open discussion group!


Join us for discussion on Monday nights at 6 pm at A-to-Zen, 1803 North Carson Street, Carson City, Nevada


Theme for 2018: 100 Years of Science of Mind

Recommended Reading:

Living the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes (anchor book for the year)

The theme for July: Revealing Wholeness

Healing is a Revelation (Pg.245)  7/1

Our Healer (Pg.246) 7/8

The Consciousness that Heals (Pg.247) 7/15

Let Us Not Fool Ourselves (Pg.252) 7/22

You Are a Spiritual Broadcasting Station (pg. 270)  7/29

Recommended Reading

Healing Words – The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine by Larry Dossey, MD

The theme for August: Spiritual Mind Treatment, The Form

How to Give a Spiritual Mind Treatment (Pg.284) 8/5

Treatment Deals with Thought (Pg.287) 8/12

Affirmations and Denials in Treatment (Pg.301) 8/19

Simple Acceptance (Pg.309)  8/26

Recommended Reading

How to Use the Science of Mind – Principle in Practice by Ernest Holmes






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