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Live Wild and Free!

Live Wild and Free is a ministry sponsored by Center for Spiritual Living Carson City and created by Rev. Karen Linsley.  This ministry was born out of a desire to see people live lives of joy and freedom, rather than lack and limitation.  Live Wild and Free provides unmatched support for people to enhance and enlarge their lives through workshops, retreats, podcasts, inspirational memes and videos.

Wild means uncontrolled by humans.  Free is a spiritual term in this case, meaning feeling joyful and at peace, no matter what is going on in the outer world.

Our MISSION is to provide spiritual tools to work from the inside out to expand  lives to one of joy and peace.

Our VISION is a world in which everyone lives wild and free.

Our PURPOSE is to activate inner self awareness so that we can live in congruence with our values.

Most workshops are held online, contact us at to be added to an email list for updates

Monthly podcasts will consist of talks by Rev. Karen and interviews with provocative New Thought people.

The annual Death Valley Creativity Camping Retreat is held every year in March.

Videos and inspirational memes are created on a regular basis.

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Join us for discussion on Monday nights at 6 pm at A-to-Zen, 1803 North Carson Street, Carson City, Nevada


Theme for 2018: 100 Years of Science of Mind

Recommended Reading:

Living the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes (anchor book for the year)


Theme for May is Spiritual Tools and How to Use Them

May: Spiritual Laws and How to Use Them

Direct Contact with the Infinite (Pg.198) 5/6

The Sequence of Creative Order (Pg.199) 5/13

The Law of Mental Equivalents (Pg.213)  5/20

Principle and Precedent (Pg.215)  5/27

Extra Recommended Reading:

The Greatest Secret of All by Marc Allen




Join us for Monday night discussion group! Every Monday at 6 PM!