Center Customization Guide
How-To: Introduction to Center Customization Print E-mail

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How-To: Update Center Identity ie. Your Center Name, etc
Center Customization Guide

Some suggested template content such as the name of your center, the name of your parent organization, and your center's previously used name were included on multiple pages. In order to ensure consistency in formatting, and to speed updates needed to get your site operational, these text strings have been defined as reusable strings, and will require updating for your new site.

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How-To: Setup Welcome Page Greeting/Images Print E-mail

Once you have selected which style of greeting you wish to display, you will need to update two items: disable the unselected option; and update the publish/unpublish as appropriate for the Welcome message which appears below.

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How-To: Update Address & Service Times Print E-mail

To update the Address & Service Times listed in the heading area of every page, simply edit the document titled Address & Service Times in the Article Manager, found in the Section named "Content - Positioned", or click here. View instructions for editing an article.

How-To: Addresses

Your Center's address is displayed in a few places on the site. The correct address may be your Center's location or may be your mailing address. You will need to open each article containing the address and update this information.

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How-To: Site Pages Print E-mail

While many pages contain standard text provided by the branding effort, many pages will require updating with your own center's details.

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How-To: Site Images Print E-mail

Generic stock images have been used where images from your Center will need to be inserted. The details for preparing images for your site are included here. Information about the flash video on the Welcome page is also included.

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How-To: Contact Forms Print E-mail

Most of the forms you will need have already had templates created. You must update these to meet your needs, or the messages will be lost to invalid e-mail addresses.

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How-To: Staff: Ministers, Practitioners, Board, Office Print E-mail

Staff is categorizied into the sub-sections of Ministers, Practitioners, Musicians, Board of Trustees, Office, and (in the upgraded option) Teachers. Included in the Creative Illuminations solution are two possible ways of managing this content. The first, which is unpublished strictly follows the guidelines defined by the branding team. The second, which is published, is an alternative, which in the long run should prove easier to maintain.

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How-To: Site Footer Print E-mail

The footer provided includes the standard text defined by the branding team. You will need to update this article to specify your Center's name, as the reusable string replacement fails outside of the main site content.

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How-To: Donate - PayPal

Your members can make donations via your Center's PayPal account. The steps for setting up this link are described here.

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How-To: Audio Files Print E-mail

Audio files must be in the proper format to be played from a website. Files which are too large will typically result in unexpected pauses waiting for more content to download before the playback can continue. They can also impact the performance of your site, if one or more visitors are playing or downloading an audio file while others are also accessing the site.

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