Center for Spiritual Living Carson City
3579 Highway 50 East, Unit 301
Carson City, NV 89701
6:00 PM Discussion Group


If you are considering coming to visit, please note our new address:  it is 3579 Highway 50 East, Unit 301.

DO NOT USE GPS TO FIND US!  We are located about a half mile east of the freeway, just past Airport Road, across the street from Goodwill, in the iStorage Business Park in which several other churches meet.  Connected is the front church that faces the highway.  We are behind that, on the left, right next door to the Baptist Church.


Welcome to the Center for Spiritual Living Carson City!

If you are like me, you believe that there are no accidents in this world, and there is a reason you landed on this web site.  I  hope you find with us the inspiration and spiritual food that nourishes you.

We are part church, part spiritual fellowship, and part school.

The church part?  Well, we do stuff on Sundays.  But it doesn’t look much like church.  Our folks don’t much care for “churchy.”  Instead, you will usually find a short talk given by Rev. Karen or a guest speaker, followed by a discussion of the topic of the day.  You may hear some music, which may be live or recorded, planned…..or just a simple jam session.  We are open at the top, and this is a perfect example!  And….if you play an instrument and want to show up and play with us….you are welcome!

The spiritual fellowship part is about being with like minded  people.  If you sometimes find yourself wondering about this God stuff, or thinking that the traditional ways you experienced God and religion when you were growing up don’t really work for you, you might find a home here.  We have no dogma, no rules, and we really do honor all paths to spirituality.  Many of our members claim “spiritual but not religious” status.

The school part is about learning and teaching.  We have classes, lots and lots of classes.  Our organization is primarily a teaching one, and I would rather see you sign up for a class then simply attend Sunday after Sunday and never experience the joy and love of living that this teaching has to offer.

See our list of events on the right hand menu for information about what is going on currently at our Center.

I hope you will come and visit, and maybe stay to play  It is a wonderful playground!

Rev. Karen
Please accept our invitation to visit us soon!
  • The Center has changed my life! ~JB
  • I love the community. Like minded people have changed my thinking about the world around me. ~CH
  • It’s a great bunch of people and I am really seeing life differently now. ~DS

Join us for discussion on Monday nights at 6 pm

Theme for 2017: Values-based Spiritual Living

October discussions feature Love as Safety.  November will be about Financial Health and Prosperity






Join us for Monday night discussion group! Every Monday at 6 PM!