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Unless otherwise noted, these are all workshops created and taught by Rev. Karen Linsley.  This list is a work in progress.  New workshops are created all the time, and existing ones are often revised!

Status Quo or Status GO!?!?!

o   Those who attend this workshop can expect to get “unstuck.” The workshop examines limitations and old beliefs that no longer serve, and presents ways to change those beliefs and release the limitations. 3 hours

Do What You Love for a Living

o   This workshop examines a cultural system and work ethic that may cause people to show up 5 days a week, 8 hours a day doing something they dislike.   During this workshop, we will examine this belief system and discover ways to break out of the mold. Participants will be able to examine whether it is time to make a change in their work lives. They will emerge with a specific plan to either enjoy what they are doing more, or change what they are doing. 3 hours


o   This workshop is a full day condensed version of the Certificated “Meditation is More than you Think” class.

How to achieve Balance in your Life

o   This workshop examines why balance is necessary, and outlines specific steps to achieve balance. 3 hours

Out with the Old, In with the New!

o   I have done this workshop on New Year’s Eve for three years, it is very popular. It examines people’s goals: why have they set these goals, how do these goals serve? It then provides for a way to reframe goals into intentions, along with steps to achieve those intentions. 3 hours

Creativity and Spirituality

o   One of my favorites, as it combines my work as an artist/photographer with spirituality. Participants leave this workshop with ways to cultivate creativity in all areas of their lives. The artistic piece is like a doorway to create other things such as improved health or abundance. This workshop can be customized to using a camera, in which case a field trip is warranted, and participants would need to bring a laptop with photo editing software.   3 hours or full day


The fun begins at 10:30!

Theme for 2017: Values-based Spiritual Living

July is about Communication and August features love, compassion and caring


___________________________________Join us for a Creativity Retreat in October, on the 15, 16th and 17th.  This retreat will be held in Virginia City, Nevada at the Historic St. Mary’s Art and Retreat Center.  Price is $350 and includes room and meals for the three days.  Register by contacting Rev. Karen




COMMUNITY POTLUCK! Join us the last Sunday of every month for community potluck! This is a time for wonderful fellowship in our community! Our potlucks are always awesome and the conversations and mingling are even better! Held immediately following the service, you can bring a favorite dish to share, or just show up and join us. There is always plenty!