Center for Spiritual Living Carson City
Meets on Wednesday nights at 5 PM Pacific time, online via Zoom
5:00 PM Discussion Group


We’ve got some wonderful developments happening at The Center:

First:  Our very own Paula Hamilton has offered to do a sound meditation on a few Sundays for us! You may be asking, “what is a sound meditation?” Like in an orchestra, our individual parts all have different tones that must be in tune in order to play harmoniously together. The Sound Therapist works like a Music Conductor to bring the body into Harmony.  Paula will do a 10 minute sound meditation during the service THIS SUNDAY, July 16th!  After that, she will next do one beginning at 9:50 (before the service) on July 30th, followed by another on August 13!  Be sure to join us for this very special offering!

Second:  Our community has been growing slowly but surely!  The new “non-churchy” discussion format is very popular and people are reporting AHA moments and growth.  Our board decided that now that we have a cohesive community going, we can certainly accommodate bringing new folks into the fold!  SO….we have decided to hold a visioning/discussion group on 3 Sundays, before the service, at 10 am.  Visioning will be July 23, August 6 and August 20th. Discussion with presentation and consolidation of ideas gathered during the visioning process, and formulation of an action plan will be on August 27th.   Again, it’s all happening at 10 am!

Last but not least, I know I mentioned that we will have a complimentary QiGong class on July 30, after the service.  This will be presented by  Qi Gong teacher Gina Cowell, and I can personally tell you that Qi Gong is a powerful powerful practice, and very easy to do.  Come join us that Sunday for the sound meditation at 9:50, the service with open discussion, potluck, and Qi Gong!  This will allow you to bring in August with a BIG BANG!

Basically, what this means for you is if you want to participate in all the fun stuff, show up by 10 am every Sunday instead of 10:30, and on the last Sunday, bring a potluck dish and plan to stay a while after the service!

All of this is offered on a Love offering basis, with all donations tax deductible.