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April brings with it the traditional Easter holiday, falling on April Fool’s Day this year!  No foolin’….this is the perfect time to renew, refresh and resurrect yourself!  As Ernest Holmes says, “for every death there is a resurrection.”  He adds that “This is the way of life.  This is the way of evolution.”  I love the metaphor and power of this time of year.  It is the perfect time for us to release with love anything that is unlike us as God.  This is how we achieve the death that leads to resurrection.  For the new to be born, the old must be relinquished.

Once we release the old and embrace the new, the opportunity for us to become enlightened is even greater, by realizing we are a part of that vast Oneness that is the power and strength and unconditional love of God.

God speaks to us through our heart space, not our  head space.  God’s language is the language of feelings.  Thus, it behooves us to be aware of our feelings in order to better commune with God.

In this week we get to examine just how much faith, doubt, confidence, fear, hope and despair we have in our life.  Faith, confidence and hope allow us to feel younger, to view the world with that childlike wonder that opens us up to joy.  Doubt, fear and despair will keep us mired in old non-productive ways of thinking that simply lead to more of the same.

We end the  month with a recreation of the best that life has to offer!

I hope you will join us for deep and insightful discussions, called Monday Night Musings, every Monday night at 6 PM at A-to-Zen in Carson City.

Sending love, light and laughter your way, Rev. Karen

You can support and participate in the Center’s activities and your own life by contributing to the flow!  Your gifts are delightfully received and tax deductible!

You are rooted in the Divine

March message from your minister!

March brings with it  a lot of promises:  spring, warm weather to come, new life!  To usher in March we will be talking about the Divine all month.  More specifically, we will be talking about the Divine within you.  What would your life be like if you knew, in your  heart space, that God was within you?

Does the idea of God’s will and  your will being in alignment frighten you?  Or does it empower you?

Do you live a life of being rooted in the Divine, or somewhere else?

These are some of the questions we will be exploring this month at The Center in Carson City for our Monday Night Musings.

Our anchor theme for the year is 100 Years of Science of Mind.  YES!  We are celebrating 100 years of this wonderful teaching that brings joy and peace to the lives of so many.  Our book for the year is Living the Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes. You can read along as each discussion corresponds with a section in the book.

Here are the pages for each week:

March: You are Rooted in the Divine

Your Personal Self (Pg.116) 3/4  Your Highest and Best is your Personal Self….or…where are you rooted?

Your Impersonal Self (Pg.130) 3/11  You are rooted in the divine

God’s Will (Pg.136) 3/18  Thy Will?  (think:  “My life is the life of God.  Therefore, Divine wisdom, clarity and power guides and directs me and I am free.”

Self-Evident Truth within You (Pg.141) 3/25

If you are looking for additional inspiration for March, read Living With Joy – Keys to Personal Power & Spiritual Transformation by Sanaya Roman

I hope to see  you on Monday nights at 6 PM at A-To-Zen, 1803 North Carson Street, for our Monday Night Musings open discussion group!

Welcome to Self Awareness Month!

Can you believe it is February already?  And even though we haven’t had much of a winter I’ve got spring fever, and I’m ready to go camping!  How about you?  You can join us for our annual Death Valley Camping Retreat!  This year it is scheduled for March 6-8.  All the details are in the flyer, I hope to see you there!

And….I’m so excited about this month’s theme of Self Awareness Is Not Enough.  Our Monday night gatherings are going to be rich and full, beginning with TONIGHT’s discussion of What is Religion.  Basically, religion, according to Ernest Holmes, is about your attitude towards God.  And if we are self aware, I’m sure we can all find ways to deepen and enrich our attitude towards God.  Join us tonight for a discussion of one such way:  inner communion.  For the rest of the  month we will be talking about self awareness in terms of spirituality, faith, belief, desire, revelation, desire, opinion and prayer.  WHEW!  Lots there to contemplate for sure.  The beautiful thing about showing up on Monday nights is shared wisdom, and community with like minded people.  It’s a safe place to discuss ways to enrich our attitudes towards God, or what spirituality means to each of us, and how that shows up in our life.  It is time to examine:  just how powerful and large is your faith?  Could it be more?  Are there any beliefs limiting your life?  What do you desire, and what does prayer and revelation have to do with that?  And how does self awareness fit into this rather large picture?  I hope  you will join us on Monday nights at 6 PM, at A-to-Zen, at 1803 North Carson Street in Carson City.

Did you know the 3 spiritual practices that will enrich your life right now?  They are forgiveness, gratitude and tithing.  You can tell when forgiveness is needed in  your life, because the flow of good will be blocked.  Focus on things for which you are grateful and you will get more.  Tithing is a powerful spiritual tool that is also fun to do, and quite rewarding!   I hope you will consider participating in your own spiritual enrichment by donating now.

Rich Metaphors for the Season!

Today is the solstice. The time when, physically, we experience the shortest time of daylight, and tomorrow the light begins to grow. This is such a powerful metaphor. So powerful that entire teachings have been based upon it. Christmas, the second biggest celebration for Christians (the first being Easter) is based upon this metaphor. I love this time of year, not just because of the lights and the parties and the fellowship and the gift giving. I love it because I’m in love with metaphor, and this is one of the greatest ones around. What is this metaphor? It is about moving from darkness to light. It is about when we experience the deepest darkest times in our lives. We are experiencing dark times indeed. Globally, nationally, and perhaps personally. Perhaps you are experiencing a dark time in your life. Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with a serious illness. Maybe you’ve lost a loved one. Maybe you’ve experienced other losses. This season, this movement from dark to light, tells us that these losses and dark times are not about ends, but beginnings. And, to deepen the metaphor even further, it is about moving from hope to trust, from faith to belief. When loss occurs, we can blame, we can shame, we can point fingers, we can move into self pity, we can indulge ourselves in a morass of sadness, we can get angry. We might even need to do that. For a little bit. Just a while. If we simply stop there, we deny the gift. For in that darkness, in that traumatic event, there is always always always a gift. Our job, should we choose to accept it, is to accept the gift. How do we do that? If we follow the metaphor, during this time of darkness we have put up lights. There are Christmas lights everywhere! I love to just drive around and view the lights at this time of year. What if we drove around in our own minds and hearts and viewed the lights trying to shine through the darkness? That darkness is a call, an urging, a prodding. It is a major tug to examine the beliefs we have about ourselves. Jesus said it: As you Believe, so it is. The Law of Attraction says it: what you are is what you attract. This is about looking at our beliefs and changing them. Not to shame ourselves for having the belief in the first place, but viewing them with open non-judgmental eyes and realizing they simply don’t work for us anymore, even though at one time they may have. This is also the time to allow the metaphor of the light to prod us to think about letting a new light into our own lives, this is about moving into trust. Hope is nice. Hope provides a ledge upon which we can stand in the dark times, a ledge from which we can see the direction in which to proceed, and from that ledge we can move in that direction. This season, spend some quiet time contemplating the lights, and the light which will only grow from this point forward. Ask yourself: where do I need to shine the light in my own life? And what does that light reveal? Martin Luther King said that darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Use the light! Revel in this powerful metaphor to illuminate the darkness in your own life, and watch that darkness disappear.

Join us in the New Year on Monday night at 6 PM to begin a year long exploration of this teaching called The Science of Mind.

Now Featuring Monday night discussion group!

We do things a bit differently at the Center in Carson City.  We aren’t very “churchy” and are more interested in improving our lives through the study and use of Science of Mind principles than in attending church….SO!


Yep, you read it right.  You asked  and we listened….you aren’t interested in getting up early on a Sunday morning, and if you are, it’s to hike, or go on a picnic, or go recreate somewhere.  And you are loving the discussion format we instituted a while back, so we are continuing with that, just not on Sundays anymore, but on Monday nights.

If you’ve always wanted to come but do other things on Sundays, now is your chance to join us.  Monday nights, 6 pm, at the Center, for about an hour.


We’ve got some wonderful developments happening at The Center:

First:  Our very own Paula Hamilton has offered to do a sound meditation on a few Sundays for us! You may be asking, “what is a sound meditation?” Like in an orchestra, our individual parts all have different tones that must be in tune in order to play harmoniously together. The Sound Therapist works like a Music Conductor to bring the body into Harmony.  Paula will do a 10 minute sound meditation during the service THIS SUNDAY, July 16th!  After that, she will next do one beginning at 9:50 (before the service) on July 30th, followed by another on August 13!  Be sure to join us for this very special offering!

Second:  Our community has been growing slowly but surely!  The new “non-churchy” discussion format is very popular and people are reporting AHA moments and growth.  Our board decided that now that we have a cohesive community going, we can certainly accommodate bringing new folks into the fold!  SO….we have decided to hold a visioning/discussion group on 3 Sundays, before the service, at 10 am.  Visioning will be July 23, August 6 and August 20th. Discussion with presentation and consolidation of ideas gathered during the visioning process, and formulation of an action plan will be on August 27th.   Again, it’s all happening at 10 am!

Last but not least, I know I mentioned that we will have a complimentary QiGong class on July 30, after the service.  This will be presented by  Qi Gong teacher Gina Cowell, and I can personally tell you that Qi Gong is a powerful powerful practice, and very easy to do.  Come join us that Sunday for the sound meditation at 9:50, the service with open discussion, potluck, and Qi Gong!  This will allow you to bring in August with a BIG BANG!

Basically, what this means for you is if you want to participate in all the fun stuff, show up by 10 am every Sunday instead of 10:30, and on the last Sunday, bring a potluck dish and plan to stay a while after the service!

All of this is offered on a Love offering basis, with all donations tax deductible.

Declare your personal Independence this July!

Ernest Holmes: “In the independence of your own mentality, believe and feel that you are wonderful.” Science of Mind, kindle version, page 306
Napoleon Hill: “It will not be difficult to detect, in the story of the Declaration of Independence, at least six of these principles; DESIRE, DECISION, FAITH, PERSISTENCE, THE MASTER MIND, and ORGANIZED PLANNING.” Think and Grow Rich, Kindle Version, page 222

Today is the day in the United States when the country has a holiday in honor of its independence. Napoleon Hill, in his classic work, says that the principles used to gain independence for the country can be used to gain independence for ourselves. I’m speaking to personal independence here: a life not dependent on the whims of our untrained thoughts nor on the actions of other people. A life of independence stems from orderly right direction which is based in trained thinking. How do we train our thinking? With daily practice. We daily turn from limited ways of thinking to limitless ways of thinking. This awareness of our own thinking allows us also to truly know ourselves. Introspection is a wonderful thing. With regular introspection, we can use Hill’s formula and become aware of our desires in life, make decisions based on those desires, have faith and persistence in taking action to accomplish those desires, connect with and nurture the connection with the Master Mind, and make organized plans. A life lived in this way is guaranteed success!

Affirmation: Today I declare my independence from my own limited ways of thinking and move into a glorious new way of living!

LOOK! Everything is NEW!

The Center for Spiritual Living Carson City experienced a transformation about 4 or 5  years ago.  As with most transformations, the time leading up to that was a bit chaotic and unpleasant.  And like most transformations, when the transforming was done, there remained the job of rebuilding.  That task fell to a very small remaining group of people who were devoted to keeping CSLCC alive and thriving so that those who wanted to live happier lives could find them and learn the tools that so many have benefited from.

Rev. Karen came on board officially in August of 2014 after graduating the previous June, and joined that small group of people.  From the start, Karen’s vision has been about doing things differently.  She felt that what was done before ceased to work (although it worked very well for a long time), and wanted to provide a place for people who wanted spirituality but not church.

Rev. Karen says, “The most common comment I’ve received over the last few years has been this:  ‘I love the message, but you are too churchy for me.'”

Well, no longer!  That small group of people has doubled in size, and during talks the last couple of months, it has become clear that in order for more growth and thrival to occur, something else must change.  We’ve listened to the comments, and the “churchy” part is GONE!

We have done away with the traditional Sunday church format!  Instead of canned music before and after a 20 minute talk by Rev. Karen, we are now open to what wants to come out and play.  Rev. Karen will now be speaking only about 10-15 minutes, and afterwards it will be open discussion about the topic.  Music?  Well, some days it might happen, some days it might not.  It depends on who shows up ready to play!  Collection plate?  No longer passed around during the service, but in a place at that back where  you can joyfully give as it serves you to help your community not only survive, but thrive.  Opening reading?  Up for grabs.  Did you read something that inspired you during the week?  Bring it and share it!  Of course we will always have a Science of Mind magazine available for anyone who wants to read the daily message to us.

In other words….this is YOUR Sunday time to be a part of something inspiring and playful and uplifting!  And what better time to do this, than in the spring when all the new things are blooming and being birthed, and all the traditional folks are talking about resurrection.  We aren’t talking about it, we are DOING it!  And we hope you will come join us and play with us.

Get your Transformation on!

It is the beginning of a new month!  Here at the Center for Spiritual Living we are centered around renewal and transformation this month.  Sunday talks will be all about continuous improvement, and we have a great lineup of classes and workshops coming up, plus a wonderful retreat in Death Valley!  See the section at the right for all the news.  Meanwhile, here is an affirmation for you:  “I am always being transformed and renewed and I continue to experience peace and joy in my life.”

Unfold into More of Yourself!

I am LOVING The Global Vision Centers for Spiritual Living Theme for 2017!  So far this year we’ve gone back to basics, and then begun a journey into introspection and increased and deepened inner awareness that makes for enriched living.  For the rest of February we will be discussing how to become aware of how our own perception is limiting our lives, and how active listening is also a gift we give ourselves and those around us.

In March we have a rich lineup of topics, all designed to allow you to step into your next greatest expression of being.  The menu at the right has more specifics for you.  I hope you will join us for this wonderful journey into the land of joyous living.

As Ernest Holmes said, “You are an eternal being now on the pathway of endless unfoldment, never less but always more of yourself.”

Come join us and unfold into more of yourself!

Rev. Karen