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March forward with purpose!

Welcome to March! It is supposedly spring, and yet old man winter doesn’t seem to want to let go of his time in the spotlight. I am, however, noticing some signs that spring is coming, no matter what. Critters are shedding, birds are singing, and little green things are popping up out of the ground.

Isn’t life sometimes like that? We look for outer things upon which to build our faith. It is a good beginning, for sometimes we can get faith no other way but to look for outer evidence.

In reality, faith is really an inside job. We go within, we acknowledge the presence of Spirit and our Oneness with It, and we affirm our good with gratitude.

There is a blessed trinity at work in our lives, and that is what we will be talking about this month in our weekly Wednesday Night Wisdom group. For the month of March, we will be studying Chapters 3, 4 and 5 in the Science of Mind textbook. Spirit, Soul, Body. Cause, medium, effect. Thought, law, manifestation.

Such rich material! You can join our discussions any time and we would love to have you. They are offered on a love offering basis every Wednesday night at 5 PM Pacific time via the Zoom platform, which means you can attend from the comfort of your own home. It is easy and fun and so delightful to see and hear people from all over the country every Wednesday!

Join us by clicking on this link, a few minutes before 5.

A foundation for successful living

Hi All, this is Rev. Karen writing to you.

This past weekend I journeyed to Placerville, California to Mountainside Center for Spiritual Living to speak and do a workshop. Since Centers all over the world are, for the month of January, focused on the Introduction in the Science of Mind textbook, I decided to do both my talk and the workshop on this topic. If you are new to this teaching, Science of Mind (SoM) is what is taught in Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL). Science of Mind was created by Ernest Holmes in the 1920s, and is under the umbrella of what is called New Thought. You may be familiar with another well known New Thought organization, Unity. I love SoM because it has taught me how to claim my power and commune with a God that works in my life. Ernest Holmes studied the world’s religions, science, philosophy and psychology and created this teaching from aspects of all of those. The Introduction in our textbook contains four sections: The Thing Itself, The Way It Works, What It Does and How To Use It.

Basically, in a nutshell, here is what that means: The Thing Itself is God and you are free to call It whatever you wish. God is everywhere present, there is no place where God is not. This Thing works through us, in us and as us, and It manifests. Because It works in, as and through us, It manifests our thoughts and beliefs. Thus it behooves us to look carefully at our thoughts and beliefs, because our outer conditions begin there, within each of us. And last but not least, we can use this Power called God by remembering that God is within us and a part of us, and by training our minds through the spiritual practices of meditation and prayer. In SoM, we call prayer affirmative prayer, or Scientific Mind Treatment. How to do that is the topic for another post.

Why mention all this? Because this is our foundation. It is MY foundation for successful living, and it can be yours too.

I am offering an online once weekly discussion/class based on the Science of Mind textbook. If you are curious or seeking, this is a great place to explore how SoM can work in your life. If you have been around this teaching for a while, this is a great place to contribute your thoughts and words. We meet every week, at 5 PM Pacific, via Zoom. You can join from the comfort of your own home computer, or from your cell phone or tablet. Simply click on this link and follow the directions. For January, we are still in the Introduction. You will benefit greatly by reading that section before you join us. Take note of the things you wish to discuss. In February we will be discussing chapters 1 and 2 in the text.

Here is the link to join us:

Come study the Science of Mind textbook with us!

In order to reach more people, we have now gone online! Yes, now you can join us in our 2019 endeavor of studying the Science of Mind textbook, no matter where you are!

Here are the details: Every Wednesday evening a few minutes before 5 PM Pacific time, open up your web browser and go to this link:

Once there, you will find yourself in a waiting room and I will officially open the door for you, then you will be in the room, able to see and hear all the faces and voices of the other attendees, and they will be able to see you. You can also join us from your cell phone or tablet.

For the month of January we are studying the introduction: The Thing Itself (January 2), The Way it Works (January 9), What it Does (January 16) and How to Use It (January 24). The last week will be a wrap up of the entire section. Please try and read the section ahead of time to get the maximum benefit.

It’s December already!

It is December 1, the official beginning for what I like to call the season of loving and giving. I’ve created a list to help folks get in the spirit. You might already be feeling the love, if so, maybe you can add to the list. If not, I hope this helps.

1. Make cookies, lots of cookies! Different kinds of cookies. Divvy them up and put them into small containers to give as gifts, both to people you know and people you don’t know. Take some to the local fire station.
2. Help a neighbor. Shovel snow, rake their leaves, clean their house, whatever they need.
3. Smile at everyone you meet at the store.
4. Write notes to people you don’t see regularly.
5. Clean out your closets of clothes you haven’t worn in a year and take them to a local charity.
6. Declutter your home and take that stuff to another local charity.
7. Donate a coat, hat or gloves to one of those coat drives.
8. Make chicken soup for someone who is ill.
9. Spend some time with someone who is housebound.
10. Sing a christmas carol. Doesn’t matter if you are alone, but you could join a group and do it together and go caroling. Or create a group to go caroling or sing a Christmas song.
11. Take a drive at sunset and look at all the pretty lights. Give silent thanks to the folks who take the time and energy every year to decorate.
12. Party on! Go to those parties!
13. Give yourself the gift of self care and recognize when you need a break from the parties and stay home and rest.
14. Call some people you haven’t spoken to in a while.
15. Make up gift bags. If you are like me you like to give to EVERYONE! That can get expensive. Instead, buy a supply of those little bags. Insert some pretty tissue paper in them. Get tea, soaps, samples of things, some of those cookies you made. If you are crafty make a bunch of little doodads. Fill the bags and give out at every opportunity.
16. Buy a $25 gift card at Starbucks or your local coffee house, then use it right then and there. Tell the barista to use it to pay for the next customers until it runs out. Ask him/her not to reveal you as the giver. Then have a seat and watch what happens.
17. Give a little extra to your favorite charity, or give to some charities you don’t usually give to.
18. Invite someone to your house who has nowhere to go on Christmas Day.
19. I like to tip the folks who deliver my mail and take away my garbage. I buy See’s Candy and give them each a box. It means getting up early on garbage pick up day to watch for the truck, but it is so worth it to see the smile on his face!
20. Wear those ugly Christmas sweaters every day, not just to parties.
21. Meditate and/or contemplate on the pretty lights. Think about the return of the light, and create metaphors for what light represents in your life, and how to keep that light bright.
22. Allow ideas for how to bring the metaphorical light to someone else’s life. Then go do it.
23. Compliment someone.
24. Give, or receive, a hug.
25. Look for those special Christmas concerts and go to one. I particularly like the bell ringer folks.
26. Get a batch of Christmas cards and instead of mailing them, hand deliver them to people you see all the time. Include a handwritten note telling the recipient why they are special in your life.
27. If you go to church, go to a different one. Just to check things out.
28. If you don’t go to church, go to one. Just to check things out.
29. Write thank you notes
30. Contemplate how you want your New Year to look. Dream big!
31. Write down a list of intentions for the New Year. Not resolutions. Intentions. There is a difference.

For the month of December we will be discussing to topic of Happiness and Fulfillment at Monday Night Musings.  I hope you will join us, any Monday night at 5 PM at A-to-Zen in Carson City.  The address is 1803 North Carson.  They are right next to the Grocery Outlet.

Here’s the topic lineup for the month.  Remember that we are still studying the Ernest Holmes book called Living the Science of Mind.  The reading assignments are in the parenthesis.

December: Happiness and Fulfillment

Our Need for Forgiveness (Pg.400) 12/3

The Will to Live (Pg.405) 12/10

Spiritual Conviction (Pg.410) 12/17

The Silence (Pg.418) 12/24

Happiness (Pg.431) 12/31

Recommended Reading

The Book of Joy by Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu

Welcome to November!

Welcome to  November!  November brings with it exciting times.  Fall  is just about done displaying its awesome colors for us, days are shorter.  I don’t know about you, but excitement for the coming holiday season always begins for me at the beginning of November.  I am especially excited about our Global Vision theme this November.  As a reminder, we follow the Global Vision that many other Centers for Spiritual Living are following.  This means that no matter where you go and what Center you attend, your chances of hearing about the same topic are very good, because we are all talking about the same thing.

For this entire year, we’ve been celebrating 100 years of Science of Mind.  This month our topic is one of my personal favorites:  Freedom from Fear and Error Thinking.

For me, error thinking is mistaken thinking.  Just as sin is viewed in our tradition as simply a mistake, we sometimes make mistakes in our thinking as well.  Luckily for us, we have many spiritual tools that  help us to transform our thinking.  And fear; well fear can be viewed as Face Everything and Recover, or False Evidence Appearing Real, or Forgetting Everything about Reality.  And one last acronym:  Forget everything and Run.  I don’t know about you but I’d like to remember the truth about who and what I am, and replace that fear with love and correct thinking.

I hope you will join us on Monday nights, which is when we meet.  We call it Monday Night Musings and we meet on Mondays at 5 pm at A-to-Zen in Carson City, 1803 North Carson Street.

Here is a list of topics we will be discussing each week.  Please note, there will be no meeting on November 12.

November: Freedom From Fear and Error Thinking

The Fruit of Good and Evil (Pg.354) 11/5

Fear and Punishment (Pg.359) 11/12 (no meeting)

If the Blind Lead the Blind (Pg.388) 11/19

Transference (Pg.390) 11/26

As usual, the page numbers refer to our book for the year:  Living the Science of Mind

And if you would like to do a bit of extra reading on this topic, here are some recommendations:

The Places that Scare You – A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times by Pema Chodron

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway by Susan Jeffers, Ph.D

Living without Fear by Ernest Holmes

Fearless Living by Rhonda Britten


Happy October and Happy Fall!  I always love the change of seasons.  It gives me a chance to review my life and see if anything wants to be changed.  Plus I am especially enjoying mother nature’s show this year.  The fall colors are amazing!  I hope you are creating opportunities to get out and see some of that spectacular color.

October brings with it one of my favorite topics:  Abundance, Prosperity and Wealth. What does abundance mean to you? More money? More things? For me abundance begins with how I feel about my place in the world. Abundance is more about how much love and compassion I embody for myself and others than about how much money I have. If we want to experience more abundance in our lives, the place to begin is within. And to recognize that we can’t hate, scorn, ridicule or judge in one area of our life and not have it spill over into all the other areas. We must be loving, accepting and compassionate in all areas. This is where abundance begins. If you want more money in your life, begin here. Willis Kinnear is an editor of much of Ernest Holmes’ writings and talks and he said this, “You must become a more complete channel for the expression of things that really count in life.” Tomorrow is October 1, and in many Centers for Spiritual Living around the world, it is Abundance month. We will be discussing abundance at Monday Night Musings. Come join us at 5 pm at A-to-Zen, or listen in to the Facebook live stream.


Here we are in September already!  Wow!  It has been a wonderful summer, but I am happy to feel the slight crispness in the air and to get the benefit of this year’s harvest.  We’ve been enjoying an abundance of freshly harvested vegetables and eggs.  And yet, there still seems to be a pall.  It has been said that the only cure for darkness is light. Almost as if by magic, shine a light and the darkness disappears. I also know that we are all connected on very deep levels. Quantum physics has proven this. There is a darkness in the human race right now. Perhaps it has always been there, but now it seems to be a bit more visible. I know this is because the darkness is being revealed so the light of healing can shine that darkness into oblivion, but in the meantime people come to me consistently expressing anguish, concern and worry. I feel it too. But in my work it is important to move beyond the stress and worry I feel in the consciousness of the human race, because if I don’t I can’t do my work effectively. I have to work a bit harder these days at getting to the Truth, to that place where I can shine a light into the darkness of the current consciousness, and into the darkness of people’s souls. I do this by meditation, reading and study, and affirmative prayer. This morning was typical, I woke up wondering how on earth I was going to get back to peace when I had a message from someone feeling the stress, and when just last night a wonderful woman who has been there for me in all things expressed her deep concern about the state we are in. I can’t help if I don’t do my own work first. So I settled in this morning, and am now in that place of peace. I am shining a light into the darkness and am affirming peace for anyone who reads this. Go ahead, sit a spell and feel that peace for yourself. The peace has never been disturbed, and now it is revealed.


There will be no discussion group held on Monday, September 3, which is Labor Day.  Instead, join us at the annual Interfaith picnic, held every Labor Day.  It’s a wonderful time of luscious potluck and glorious fellowship!  I can tell you that in addition to the food and frolic, there will be a brief time when you will have to opportunity to continue the consciousness of diversity and inclusion.  It’s a surprise, so I won’t say more.  Just join us on the lawn at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Carson City.  The picnic will be from 4-6 pm, address is 314 North Division Street.

Remember, no meeting on Monday, but starting on September 10 we will continue with our Global Vision theme of Celebrating 100 years of Science of Mind.  Our topic for September is Spiritual Mind Treatment, the feeling.  I don’t know about you but I will be happy to take a deep dive into the powerful feelings that both create and result from our treatments.  We’ve had a good exploration of the basics in August, now let’s take it deeper!  Here are the readings for the month:

September: Spiritual Mind Treatment, The Feeling

Treatment and Feeling (Pg.312)  (no meeting on the 3rd))

Divine Ideas (Pg.315) 9/10….we will combine the first two readings for our discussion.

Make Each Treatment Complete (Pg.316) 9/17  ….we will combine pages 316 and 318 for our discussion

Treatment is Not Well-Wishing (Pg.318)

Loose the Consciousness (Pg.339) 9/24

Recommended Extra Reading

The Energy of Prayer by Thich Nhat Hanh



BEGINNING THE FIRST WEEK IN AUGUST, THAT IS AUGUST 6, OUR MEETING TIME WILL BE AT 5 PM!  July 30 remains at the 6 pm meeting time.  We hope to see you all soon!

For the months of August and September, we get to the heart, and the meat, and the power of this teaching that we call Science of Mind.  I have experienced and witnessed so many demonstrations and manifestations as a result of this powerful form of affirmative prayer that is unique to us!  Affirmative prayer is also a foundation upon which we build everything else, so I hope you will make plans to attend in August and September!  If you are new to our teachings, this will give you a good foundation upon which to build a renewed and transformed life.  If you are familiar with treatment, this will be a wonderful refresher course!

Remember that our theme for the year is 100 Years of Science of Mind, and for this year our anchor book is Living the Science of Mind.  The page number of the reading is listed with each week’s topic in parenthesis.

August: Spiritual Mind Treatment, The Form

How to Give a Spiritual Mind Treatment (Pg.284) 8/5

Treatment Deals with Thought (Pg.287) 8/12

Affirmations and Denials in Treatment (Pg.301) 8/19

Simple Acceptance (Pg.309)  8/26

Recommended Reading

How to Use the Science of Mind – Principle in Practice by Ernest Holmes

September: Spiritual Mind Treatment, The Feeling

Treatment and Feeling (Pg.312) 9/2

Divine Ideas (Pg.315) 9/9

Make Each Treatment Complete (Pg.316) 9/16

Treatment is Not Well-Wishing (Pg.318) 9/23

Loose the Consciousness (Pg.339) 9/30

July is all about revealing wholeness!

We’ve got a lot of new people attending Monday Night Musings, so I thought I would provide a bit of a primer on what it is we do. I know….inquiring minds want to know……

Basically, we discuss New Thought principles and how to apply them in our lives. New Thought is a new way of thinking about ancient wisdom. Sometimes that wisdom could be religious (think of the deep mystical and beautiful teachings that all religions offer, not the dogma). But it can also be philosophical (think Socrates or Plato), psychological (think Carl Jung or Joseph Campbell), literary (think Emerson or Thoreau), or scientific (think quantum physics). We also embrace Buddhism (which does not consider itself a religion) and welcome folks from all religions. By extension, our teachings can also be applied personally: we think in new ways about our lives, so as to transform our lives into something that serves us better. And this right here is the meat of this teaching. This is not learning for learning’s sake, or is it attending so you can say you go to church. This is transformation of the deepest and most powerful kind, the kind that makes a huge difference for us in our lives, both individually and collectively.

Anyway, we have an annual theme and this year it is Celebrating 100 years of Science of Mind. Yes, this teaching is 100 years old, but it comes from earlier stuff. The annual theme this year is based on a book called Living the Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes. He is the founder of what is now known as Center for Spiritual Living. There are Centers all over the world; locally, two in Reno, one in Tahoe, and of course, mine in Carson. You can get more info here:, and my center:

For July, we will be studying a topic called Revealing Wholeness. While we don’t consider ourselves necessarily a religious order, we do very much consider ourselves a healing and teaching order. This month’s topic speaks to the healing part. And the weekly discussions are teaching and learning opportunities.

Here are the readings for the month (with accompanying memes). You don’t have to have the book or do the readings to attend, but I’ve discovered that people get more benefit when they do.

July: Revealing Wholeness
Healing is a Revelation (Pg.245) 7/1

Our Healer (Pg.246) 7/8

The Consciousness that Heals (Pg.247) 7/15

Let Us Not Fool Ourselves (Pg.252) 7/22

You Are a Spiritual Broadcasting Station (pg. 270) 7/29

And, if you are so inclined to do some extra reading:

Recommended Reading
Healing Words – The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine by Larry Dossey, MD

I just thought I’d provide some more info, since I get asked a lot about what we are doing over here. I hope I get to see you on Mondays! A-to-Zen, 6 PM.

We are a 501c3 tax deductible organization, and not only are your contributions much appreciated, but they also are a way for you to contribute to the flow of your life!

Transforming Unconscious Bias Workshop

You will not want to miss this historic workshop!  It is put on by the Centers for Spiritual Living Diversity Commission, and sponsored by the Interfaith Council of Carson City.

This workshop is being held on a love offering basis and will be held on Thursday, May 17, from 5:30 to 8:30 PM at St. Paul’s Lutheran Family Church, 1201 North Saliman Road in Carson City.

Your organizer for this event is Rev. Karen Linsley, and your  host is Rev. Chad Adamik of St. Paul’s Lutheran Family Church, who has graciously offered his church as our location for this event.  Other members of the Interfaith Council who are supporting this event are Fr. Jeff Paul, St. Paul’s Episcopal, Fr. Chuck Durante, St. Theresa of Avila, Rabbi Evon J. Yakar, Temple Bat Yam and North Tahoe Hebrew Congregation, Pastor JJ Tuttle, Connected Nazarene Church, and Rev. Maggie McNaught, Carson City First United Methodist.

Your Centers for Spiritual Living Diversity trainers for this workshop are Rev. D. Jacquelyn Edwards and Rev. Sharon Mitchell.

Research demonstrates that we all  harbor unconscious biases.  The good news is that enhanced awareness and training can create an inclusive culture that identifies and helps eliminate these hidden biases.  Unconscious bias is the result of messages (from a wide array of sources) introduced into our subconscious from an early age.  Many of these prejudices that are deeply held in our unconscious can unconsciously influence how we act toward one another in communities.

At the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Define bias and unconscious bias
  • Identify some personal  hidden biases
  • Recognize how our implicit biases manifest in our behavior
  • Discern what unconscious organizational biases might exist within their community
  • Take away tools to assess one’s own blind spots
  • Commit to reducing personal and organizational biases to help realize diversity inclusion in our communities

AND…..there will be food provided at this event, so please sign up by contacting Rev. Karen so we know how much food to prepare


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