Center for Spiritual Living Carson City
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Welcome to the Center for Spiritual Living Carson City!

If you are like me, you believe that there are no accidents in this world, and there is a reason you landed on this web site.  I  hope you find with us the inspiration and spiritual food that nourishes you.

We are part church, part spiritual fellowship, and part school.

The church part?  Well, we hold Sunday services, complete with a talk (not a sermon), music and collection plate.  This is where most people show up for the first time, although it is not unheard of for someone to sign up for a class without ever attending a Sunday Celebration Service.

The spiritual fellowship part is about being with like minded  people.  If you sometimes find yourself wondering about this God stuff, or thinking that the traditional ways you experienced God and religion when you were growing up don’t really work for you, you might find a home here.  We have no dogma, no rules, and we really do honor all paths to spirituality.  Many of our members claim “spiritual but not religious” status.

The school part is about learning and teaching.  We have classes, lots and lots of classes.  Our organization is primarily a teaching one, and I would rather see you sign up for a class then simply attend Sunday after Sunday and never experience the joy and love of living that this teaching has to offer.

We have some very special things going on right now.

First of all, I encourage you to come on by on Sunday, September 28.  We have a guest speaker coming to give the talk that day, his name is Gregory Toole.  He is bringing copies of his book for sale and will autograph it for you, and will be holding a workshop.  Rev. Gregory’s web site is here.

This flyer explains everything else:

Gregory Toole-flyer (6)

And, on the 1st and 2nd Thursdays of every month, our Practitioner Lori Greer holds a coffee and conversation meeting at Comma Coffee in Carson City, at 7:30 AM.  I know, that’s pretty early.  Let me tell you that I am not a morning person and it is SO worth it to go!

Spirit at Work-Final

I hope you will come and visit, and maybe stay to play!  It is a wonderful playground!

Rev. Karen
Please accept our invitation to visit us soon!

  • The Center has changed my life! ~JB
  • I love the community. Like minded people have changed my thinking about the world around me. ~CH
  • It’s a great bunch of people and I am really seeing life differently now. ~DS

September 28: Rev. Gregory Toole is our guest speaker! His talk is based on his book, "A Simple Guide to Planetary Transformation" and is titled "The Journey: Growth Required." He will have copies of his book for sale and will be autographing them after the service. A workshop follows at noon.

October brings gratitude and our book of the month: "Giving, the Sacred Art" by Lauren Tyler Wright.

October 5: Rev. Karen Linsley speaks to Giving and Worship

October 12: Guest speaker is Carol Davis, ministerial student and RScP

October 19: Rev. Karen Linsley, speaks about obligation and redemption

October 26: Rev. Karen Linsley will talk about charity and justice, with guest Practitioner and ministerial student Laura Arneson joining us to give the invocation and preside over Sunday school. Bring your kids!

November is all about abundance with our book of the month, "Gifts of Imperfection" by Brene Brown

November 2: Rev. Karen Linsley, "Am I Enough?"

November 9: Rev. Karen Linsley, "Cultivation"

November 16: Rev. Karen Linsley speaking

November 30, our guest speaker is Rev. Ramona Goodge

December is all about clarity, the book of the month is "Ten Ideas that Make a Difference," by Ernest Holmes and Willis Kennear.

December 7: Rev. Karen speaks to self renewal

December 14: Rev. Karen about the Power within

December 21: Rev. Karen on Love and Happiness

December 28: guest speaker Deborah Hass, RScP joins us.


September 28: Workshop! Rev. Gregory Toole presents a workshop titled, "Honing your Cutting Edge." Begins at noon, cost is $25

October 2: Beyond Limits class begins. Cost for this 10 week Certificated class is $240. Sign up sheets are at the Center.

October 6: Prosperity Plus ten week class begins. Cost for this 10 week class is $60. Contact Rev. Karen for more information.