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Monthly Archives: December 2018

It’s December already!

It is December 1, the official beginning for what I like to call the season of loving and giving. I’ve created a list to help folks get in the spirit. You might already be feeling the love, if so, maybe you can add to the list. If not, I hope this helps.

1. Make cookies, lots of cookies! Different kinds of cookies. Divvy them up and put them into small containers to give as gifts, both to people you know and people you don’t know. Take some to the local fire station.
2. Help a neighbor. Shovel snow, rake their leaves, clean their house, whatever they need.
3. Smile at everyone you meet at the store.
4. Write notes to people you don’t see regularly.
5. Clean out your closets of clothes you haven’t worn in a year and take them to a local charity.
6. Declutter your home and take that stuff to another local charity.
7. Donate a coat, hat or gloves to one of those coat drives.
8. Make chicken soup for someone who is ill.
9. Spend some time with someone who is housebound.
10. Sing a christmas carol. Doesn’t matter if you are alone, but you could join a group and do it together and go caroling. Or create a group to go caroling or sing a Christmas song.
11. Take a drive at sunset and look at all the pretty lights. Give silent thanks to the folks who take the time and energy every year to decorate.
12. Party on! Go to those parties!
13. Give yourself the gift of self care and recognize when you need a break from the parties and stay home and rest.
14. Call some people you haven’t spoken to in a while.
15. Make up gift bags. If you are like me you like to give to EVERYONE! That can get expensive. Instead, buy a supply of those little bags. Insert some pretty tissue paper in them. Get tea, soaps, samples of things, some of those cookies you made. If you are crafty make a bunch of little doodads. Fill the bags and give out at every opportunity.
16. Buy a $25 gift card at Starbucks or your local coffee house, then use it right then and there. Tell the barista to use it to pay for the next customers until it runs out. Ask him/her not to reveal you as the giver. Then have a seat and watch what happens.
17. Give a little extra to your favorite charity, or give to some charities you don’t usually give to.
18. Invite someone to your house who has nowhere to go on Christmas Day.
19. I like to tip the folks who deliver my mail and take away my garbage. I buy See’s Candy and give them each a box. It means getting up early on garbage pick up day to watch for the truck, but it is so worth it to see the smile on his face!
20. Wear those ugly Christmas sweaters every day, not just to parties.
21. Meditate and/or contemplate on the pretty lights. Think about the return of the light, and create metaphors for what light represents in your life, and how to keep that light bright.
22. Allow ideas for how to bring the metaphorical light to someone else’s life. Then go do it.
23. Compliment someone.
24. Give, or receive, a hug.
25. Look for those special Christmas concerts and go to one. I particularly like the bell ringer folks.
26. Get a batch of Christmas cards and instead of mailing them, hand deliver them to people you see all the time. Include a handwritten note telling the recipient why they are special in your life.
27. If you go to church, go to a different one. Just to check things out.
28. If you don’t go to church, go to one. Just to check things out.
29. Write thank you notes
30. Contemplate how you want your New Year to look. Dream big!
31. Write down a list of intentions for the New Year. Not resolutions. Intentions. There is a difference.

For the month of December we will be discussing to topic of Happiness and Fulfillment at Monday Night Musings.  I hope you will join us, any Monday night at 5 PM at A-to-Zen in Carson City.  The address is 1803 North Carson.  They are right next to the Grocery Outlet.

Here’s the topic lineup for the month.  Remember that we are still studying the Ernest Holmes book called Living the Science of Mind.  The reading assignments are in the parenthesis.

December: Happiness and Fulfillment

Our Need for Forgiveness (Pg.400) 12/3

The Will to Live (Pg.405) 12/10

Spiritual Conviction (Pg.410) 12/17

The Silence (Pg.418) 12/24

Happiness (Pg.431) 12/31

Recommended Reading

The Book of Joy by Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu