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Monthly Archives: October 2018


Happy October and Happy Fall!  I always love the change of seasons.  It gives me a chance to review my life and see if anything wants to be changed.  Plus I am especially enjoying mother nature’s show this year.  The fall colors are amazing!  I hope you are creating opportunities to get out and see some of that spectacular color.

October brings with it one of my favorite topics:  Abundance, Prosperity and Wealth. What does abundance mean to you? More money? More things? For me abundance begins with how I feel about my place in the world. Abundance is more about how much love and compassion I embody for myself and others than about how much money I have. If we want to experience more abundance in our lives, the place to begin is within. And to recognize that we can’t hate, scorn, ridicule or judge in one area of our life and not have it spill over into all the other areas. We must be loving, accepting and compassionate in all areas. This is where abundance begins. If you want more money in your life, begin here. Willis Kinnear is an editor of much of Ernest Holmes’ writings and talks and he said this, “You must become a more complete channel for the expression of things that really count in life.” Tomorrow is October 1, and in many Centers for Spiritual Living around the world, it is Abundance month. We will be discussing abundance at Monday Night Musings. Come join us at 5 pm at A-to-Zen, or listen in to the Facebook live stream.