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Monthly Archives: August 2018


Here we are in September already!  Wow!  It has been a wonderful summer, but I am happy to feel the slight crispness in the air and to get the benefit of this year’s harvest.  We’ve been enjoying an abundance of freshly harvested vegetables and eggs.  And yet, there still seems to be a pall.  It has been said that the only cure for darkness is light. Almost as if by magic, shine a light and the darkness disappears. I also know that we are all connected on very deep levels. Quantum physics has proven this. There is a darkness in the human race right now. Perhaps it has always been there, but now it seems to be a bit more visible. I know this is because the darkness is being revealed so the light of healing can shine that darkness into oblivion, but in the meantime people come to me consistently expressing anguish, concern and worry. I feel it too. But in my work it is important to move beyond the stress and worry I feel in the consciousness of the human race, because if I don’t I can’t do my work effectively. I have to work a bit harder these days at getting to the Truth, to that place where I can shine a light into the darkness of the current consciousness, and into the darkness of people’s souls. I do this by meditation, reading and study, and affirmative prayer. This morning was typical, I woke up wondering how on earth I was going to get back to peace when I had a message from someone feeling the stress, and when just last night a wonderful woman who has been there for me in all things expressed her deep concern about the state we are in. I can’t help if I don’t do my own work first. So I settled in this morning, and am now in that place of peace. I am shining a light into the darkness and am affirming peace for anyone who reads this. Go ahead, sit a spell and feel that peace for yourself. The peace has never been disturbed, and now it is revealed.


There will be no discussion group held on Monday, September 3, which is Labor Day.  Instead, join us at the annual Interfaith picnic, held every Labor Day.  It’s a wonderful time of luscious potluck and glorious fellowship!  I can tell you that in addition to the food and frolic, there will be a brief time when you will have to opportunity to continue the consciousness of diversity and inclusion.  It’s a surprise, so I won’t say more.  Just join us on the lawn at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Carson City.  The picnic will be from 4-6 pm, address is 314 North Division Street.

Remember, no meeting on Monday, but starting on September 10 we will continue with our Global Vision theme of Celebrating 100 years of Science of Mind.  Our topic for September is Spiritual Mind Treatment, the feeling.  I don’t know about you but I will be happy to take a deep dive into the powerful feelings that both create and result from our treatments.  We’ve had a good exploration of the basics in August, now let’s take it deeper!  Here are the readings for the month:

September: Spiritual Mind Treatment, The Feeling

Treatment and Feeling (Pg.312)  (no meeting on the 3rd))

Divine Ideas (Pg.315) 9/10….we will combine the first two readings for our discussion.

Make Each Treatment Complete (Pg.316) 9/17  ….we will combine pages 316 and 318 for our discussion

Treatment is Not Well-Wishing (Pg.318)

Loose the Consciousness (Pg.339) 9/24

Recommended Extra Reading

The Energy of Prayer by Thich Nhat Hanh