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July is all about revealing wholeness!

We’ve got a lot of new people attending Monday Night Musings, so I thought I would provide a bit of a primer on what it is we do. I know….inquiring minds want to know……

Basically, we discuss New Thought principles and how to apply them in our lives. New Thought is a new way of thinking about ancient wisdom. Sometimes that wisdom could be religious (think of the deep mystical and beautiful teachings that all religions offer, not the dogma). But it can also be philosophical (think Socrates or Plato), psychological (think Carl Jung or Joseph Campbell), literary (think Emerson or Thoreau), or scientific (think quantum physics). We also embrace Buddhism (which does not consider itself a religion) and welcome folks from all religions. By extension, our teachings can also be applied personally: we think in new ways about our lives, so as to transform our lives into something that serves us better. And this right here is the meat of this teaching. This is not learning for learning’s sake, or is it attending so you can say you go to church. This is transformation of the deepest and most powerful kind, the kind that makes a huge difference for us in our lives, both individually and collectively.

Anyway, we have an annual theme and this year it is Celebrating 100 years of Science of Mind. Yes, this teaching is 100 years old, but it comes from earlier stuff. The annual theme this year is based on a book called Living the Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes. He is the founder of what is now known as Center for Spiritual Living. There are Centers all over the world; locally, two in Reno, one in Tahoe, and of course, mine in Carson. You can get more info here:, and my center:

For July, we will be studying a topic called Revealing Wholeness. While we don’t consider ourselves necessarily a religious order, we do very much consider ourselves a healing and teaching order. This month’s topic speaks to the healing part. And the weekly discussions are teaching and learning opportunities.

Here are the readings for the month (with accompanying memes). You don’t have to have the book or do the readings to attend, but I’ve discovered that people get more benefit when they do.

July: Revealing Wholeness
Healing is a Revelation (Pg.245) 7/1

Our Healer (Pg.246) 7/8

The Consciousness that Heals (Pg.247) 7/15

Let Us Not Fool Ourselves (Pg.252) 7/22

You Are a Spiritual Broadcasting Station (pg. 270) 7/29

And, if you are so inclined to do some extra reading:

Recommended Reading
Healing Words – The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine by Larry Dossey, MD

I just thought I’d provide some more info, since I get asked a lot about what we are doing over here. I hope I get to see you on Mondays! A-to-Zen, 6 PM.

We are a 501c3 tax deductible organization, and not only are your contributions much appreciated, but they also are a way for you to contribute to the flow of your life!