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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Rich Metaphors for the Season!

Today is the solstice. The time when, physically, we experience the shortest time of daylight, and tomorrow the light begins to grow. This is such a powerful metaphor. So powerful that entire teachings have been based upon it. Christmas, the second biggest celebration for Christians (the first being Easter) is based upon this metaphor. I love this time of year, not just because of the lights and the parties and the fellowship and the gift giving. I love it because I’m in love with metaphor, and this is one of the greatest ones around. What is this metaphor? It is about moving from darkness to light. It is about when we experience the deepest darkest times in our lives. We are experiencing dark times indeed. Globally, nationally, and perhaps personally. Perhaps you are experiencing a dark time in your life. Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with a serious illness. Maybe you’ve lost a loved one. Maybe you’ve experienced other losses. This season, this movement from dark to light, tells us that these losses and dark times are not about ends, but beginnings. And, to deepen the metaphor even further, it is about moving from hope to trust, from faith to belief. When loss occurs, we can blame, we can shame, we can point fingers, we can move into self pity, we can indulge ourselves in a morass of sadness, we can get angry. We might even need to do that. For a little bit. Just a while. If we simply stop there, we deny the gift. For in that darkness, in that traumatic event, there is always always always a gift. Our job, should we choose to accept it, is to accept the gift. How do we do that? If we follow the metaphor, during this time of darkness we have put up lights. There are Christmas lights everywhere! I love to just drive around and view the lights at this time of year. What if we drove around in our own minds and hearts and viewed the lights trying to shine through the darkness? That darkness is a call, an urging, a prodding. It is a major tug to examine the beliefs we have about ourselves. Jesus said it: As you Believe, so it is. The Law of Attraction says it: what you are is what you attract. This is about looking at our beliefs and changing them. Not to shame ourselves for having the belief in the first place, but viewing them with open non-judgmental eyes and realizing they simply don’t work for us anymore, even though at one time they may have. This is also the time to allow the metaphor of the light to prod us to think about letting a new light into our own lives, this is about moving into trust. Hope is nice. Hope provides a ledge upon which we can stand in the dark times, a ledge from which we can see the direction in which to proceed, and from that ledge we can move in that direction. This season, spend some quiet time contemplating the lights, and the light which will only grow from this point forward. Ask yourself: where do I need to shine the light in my own life? And what does that light reveal? Martin Luther King said that darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Use the light! Revel in this powerful metaphor to illuminate the darkness in your own life, and watch that darkness disappear.

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