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Monthly Archives: March 2017

LOOK! Everything is NEW!

The Center for Spiritual Living Carson City experienced a transformation about 4 or 5  years ago.  As with most transformations, the time leading up to that was a bit chaotic and unpleasant.  And like most transformations, when the transforming was done, there remained the job of rebuilding.  That task fell to a very small remaining group of people who were devoted to keeping CSLCC alive and thriving so that those who wanted to live happier lives could find them and learn the tools that so many have benefited from.

Rev. Karen came on board officially in August of 2014 after graduating the previous June, and joined that small group of people.  From the start, Karen’s vision has been about doing things differently.  She felt that what was done before ceased to work (although it worked very well for a long time), and wanted to provide a place for people who wanted spirituality but not church.

Rev. Karen says, “The most common comment I’ve received over the last few years has been this:  ‘I love the message, but you are too churchy for me.'”

Well, no longer!  That small group of people has doubled in size, and during talks the last couple of months, it has become clear that in order for more growth and thrival to occur, something else must change.  We’ve listened to the comments, and the “churchy” part is GONE!

We have done away with the traditional Sunday church format!  Instead of canned music before and after a 20 minute talk by Rev. Karen, we are now open to what wants to come out and play.  Rev. Karen will now be speaking only about 10-15 minutes, and afterwards it will be open discussion about the topic.  Music?  Well, some days it might happen, some days it might not.  It depends on who shows up ready to play!  Collection plate?  No longer passed around during the service, but in a place at that back where  you can joyfully give as it serves you to help your community not only survive, but thrive.  Opening reading?  Up for grabs.  Did you read something that inspired you during the week?  Bring it and share it!  Of course we will always have a Science of Mind magazine available for anyone who wants to read the daily message to us.

In other words….this is YOUR Sunday time to be a part of something inspiring and playful and uplifting!  And what better time to do this, than in the spring when all the new things are blooming and being birthed, and all the traditional folks are talking about resurrection.  We aren’t talking about it, we are DOING it!  And we hope you will come join us and play with us.

Get your Transformation on!

It is the beginning of a new month!  Here at the Center for Spiritual Living we are centered around renewal and transformation this month.  Sunday talks will be all about continuous improvement, and we have a great lineup of classes and workshops coming up, plus a wonderful retreat in Death Valley!  See the section at the right for all the news.  Meanwhile, here is an affirmation for you:  “I am always being transformed and renewed and I continue to experience peace and joy in my life.”