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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Do BE something New for 2017!

Hello everyone!  This is Rev. Karen writing to wish you a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!  The period between Christmas and New Year’s is a wonderful time to review, reassess and vision for what could be new for you in your life for the coming year.

I love this teaching, because it provides tools for us to do just that:  review, reassess, release and vision.  We don’t say it often around here, but I believe this teaching to be extremely mystical.  Not religious.  Not even spiritual.  I think what we teach goes much deeper than that. defines mysticism: “a doctrine of an immediate spiritual intuition of truths believed to transcend ordinary understanding, or of a direct, intimate union of the soul with God through contemplation.”  Religion, also as defined in, is: a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects.  Why do I say we aren’t religious?  Because we do not define your beliefs or practices.  Instead we suggest some ways to discover what your beliefs are, but we don’t prescribe those beliefs.  Why do I say we aren’t spiritual?  Again, I go to  “of or relating to the spirit as the seat of the moral or religious nature, or:  of or relating to sacred things or matters; religious; devotional; sacred.”  Many of our attendees consider themselves spiritual but not religious.  It has become a catch phrase.  Most of the spiritual but not religious people I know believe in and practice devotion to outside things as much as traditional religious people believe in and practice devotion to an outside god.  Spiritual but not religious folks don’t call it god, they call it the universe.  There is nothing wrong with any of that.  But I believe we can go deeper, and I think the time to do that is now.

I think 2017 can be the time when we transcend ordinary understanding and begin to achieve a direct, intimate union of our souls with god.  Have fun with the outside stuff, because it can be a lot of fun, but go deep this year.  Go for mysticism, not religion, not even spirituality.

Here at CSL Carson City, we are once again joining many other Centers around the world in participating in #TheGlobalVision.  Our over-all theme for the year is called Values Based Spiritual Living.  Do you know what your values are?  If you don’t, come join us and explore!  If you do, do you base your life on your values?  Do your decisions and choices match your values?  If so, come join other like minded people!  If not, come and find out how to live in integrity with yourself.  It is a wonderful way to live.

In January we will begin with How to Live a Value Based Life, and I do hope you will join us every Sunday at 10 am for meditation, and 10:30 for the service.  Also in January, we are offering a FREE (love offerings gratefully accepted) workshop, on Monday, January 2, at 2 PM.  This workshop is designed to set you up to begin to live a values based life in 2017.  Also in January, we are offering, in conjunction with several other Centers and ministers, an online class, Self Mastery.  It’s a ten week class that you can take from the comfort of your home.  And….we are also offering a face-to-face class beginning Tuesday, January 24, called The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.  Both are ten week classes.  Contact me for more information and to register.  And, last but  not least, save the date!  April 11-14 we are going on retreat to Death Valley!

Again, Happy New Year, and I hope to see you embody the mystical you in 2017!

PS:  Last chance to experience the joy of giving with a tax deductible contribution to help us continue our work! 

Make a commitment to your spiritual growth in 2017!

Can you believe it?  2017 is almost here!  We have one more Sunday service  on December 18, complete with Christmas potluck and white elephant gift exchange.  We won’t be having service on Christmas Day, but I hope you will join us for a very special candlelit service on Christmas Eve at 6 pm.

Onward to 2017!  Once again, we are joining many other Centers worldwide in speaking to a values based spiritual living theme all year long.  I am so excited that once again our Center is a participant in this world wide effort!  Here is a list of monthly topics and Sunday titles:

2017 Values Based Spiritual Living

‪ “We stand together in a shared commitment and devotion to our spiritual principles, practices, and values.”

January – Spiritual Living

January 1 –  Creating a Value-Based Life

January 8 – The Thing Itself

January 15- The Way It Works

January 22 – What It Does

January 29 – How To Use It

February – Spiritual Living as Diversity and Inclusivity

February 5 – To Be Human is to Embody Paradox

February 12 – God Comes Through the Wound

February 19 – Thin Slicing

February 26 – Active Listening

March – Spiritual Living through Education and Continuous Improvement

March 5 – Reachable & Teachable

March 12 – Webs and Boxes

March 19 – Being Vulnerable – Strength or Weakness?

March 26 – Aging as a Spiritual Practice

April – Spiritual Living through Transformation and Evolution

April 2 – 99 Years of Private Lessons

April 9 – The Science of the Absolute

April 16 – Easter – The Science of Christ

April 23 – Dealing with Conditions

April 30 – The Joy of Living

May – Spiritual Living through Creativity

May 7 – FLIP – Creative Confidence

May 14 – Mother’s Day  – DARE – Fear to Courage

May 21 – SPARK – From Nothing To Insight

May 28 – LEAP – From Planning to Action

June – Accountability

June 4 – The Courage to Do the Right Thing

June 11 – Creating a Culture of Accountability

June 18 – Father’s Day – Fix It

June 25 – Aligning Your Values with Your Actions

July – Open Communication

July 2 – The Multi-cultural America

July 9 – From Racism to Gracism

July 16 – Prejudices and Sins

July 23 – Honoring our Differences

July 30 – The Art of Inclusion

August – Love, Compassion and Caring

August 6 – Compassion in Action

August 13 – Accepting What Is

August 20 – Kindness Toward Ourselves

August 27 – Being Kind in a Cruel World

September – Community Service

September 3 – Self-Absorbed – It’s All About ME!

September 10 – Your Life Isn’t For You.

September 17 – Choosing Where to Give

September 24 – You Can Change The World

October –  Love as Safety

October 1 – We Belong to Each Other

October 8 – Undefended Love

October 15 – Fear of Intimacy

October 22 – The Perfect Relationship

October 29 – The Love that Lives Within

November – Financial Health and Prosperity

November 5 – Your Fortune Begins in Consciousness

November 12 – How To Reverse Financial Adversity

November 19 – The Grateful Heart

November 26 – Money is God in Action

December – Integrity

December 3 – Wandering Off Your Path

December 10 – A Life of Character

December 17 – A Life of Courage

December 24 – A Life of Truth

December 31 – New Beginnings

I hope you will make a commitment to your spiritual growth this coming year and join us!