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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Instinctive Omniscience


We’ve been having so much fun in Essential Ernest class!  The awesome material coupled with our rich and powerful discussions has facilitated shifts and awakenings in the people attending the class.

In the reading for this coming week, Ernest says (in Essential Ernest):  “We have covered up our instinctive omniscience through confusion, denials and negations.”

What is “instinctive omniscience?”  Omniscience means all knowing.  Do you know that you know?  Do you instinctively FEEL that you have the power to use spiritual tools to create a better life for yourself?  Do you just know that your good is here for you, right now?  You only need to claim it?

Holmes uses the example of the hen, simply sitting for 21 days on her eggs in order to hatch healthy chicks.  She doesn’t question or complain, she simply knows, and does what her knowing tells her to do.

You can do the same.  You too have that instinctive omniscience.  You simply need to do what it tells you to do, and don’t question or complain.

How do you access that instinctive omniscience?  Uncover it by removing the confusion, denials and negations.  Be decisive in your affirmations, do not deny your good by saying things like “I don’t deserve to be happy.”  or “I can’t get what I want because of….”  Remove the confusion, denials and negations, and replace them with affirmative prayer.  We say “treat and move your feet.”  This means be like the hen:  know your good, and then act on it.

And if you are having trouble with this, come see us any Sunday at 9:50 for meditation, 10:30 for the service.  Come see us the second Thursday of every month at 6 for Taize.

Sending you love and blessings from Rev. Karen


Our spiritual attribute for the month of June is Wisdom.  I am so looking forward to discussing and learning more about wisdom!  It seems to me that wisdom might just be one of those foundational things:  if we have wisdom, we will have abundance, freedom, good health, and all that other stuff we ask for in treatments.

So the questions then become:  Am I wise?  Why or why not?  If not, how do I gain wisdom?  What is wisdom anyway?  All good questions, and ones we will be exploring in our Sunday services.  I look forward to seeing you!

And don’t forget that we are doing meditation at 9:50 am every Sunday before the service.


The fun begins at 10:30!

Theme for 2017: Values-based Spiritual Living

April is all about Transformation and Evolution!

April 2: Ernest Holmes said that "we are on the borderland of a new experience." This will be the topic of discussion for this day!

April 9-Do you believe that you are a manifestation of God? Join us for this thought provoking discussion!

April 16-Easter Sunday! It's all about the renewal of our own lives!

April 23-Does stuff happen from the outside in, or from the inside out? Join us as we discuss Dealing with the conditions in our lives.

April 30: The Joy of Living!


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