Center for Spiritual Living Carson City
Meets on Wednesday nights at 5 PM Pacific time, online via Zoom
5:00 PM Discussion Group




Welcome to the Center for Spiritual Living Carson City.  We provide spiritual tools to transform our lives and help make the world a better place.  We do this by teaching, and we have a once a week online book study which is open to anyone at any time.  We are studying the Science of Mind textbook.  We meet online via the Zoom platform, every Wednesday, from 5 PM to 6 PM Pacific time.  Use this link to log in:

Our Mission is to provide a strong and  unshakeable inner foundation that works for long term successful living.

Our Purpose is to activate inner self awareness.

Our Vision is a world in which everyone lives wild and free.

Wild means uncontrolled by humans, which means we are not controlled by what goes on “out there.”  Free  means we embody attributes of spirit such as joy and peace, no matter what seems to be restricting us.

We hope to “see” you online and join us in this wonderful journey!

We welcome all genders, all faiths, and honor same gender weddings. 



  • The Center has changed my life! ~JB
  • I love the community. Like minded people have changed my thinking about the world around me. ~CH
  • It’s a great bunch of people and I am really seeing life differently now. ~DS